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No matter from proof of concept design to mechanical component engineering test, or from exterior lighting prototypes to interior component prototypes.

Jucheng are focusing on automotive prototyping at all levels as a complete service which has allowed us to expand our knowledge and experience in this area.

We are experienced in automotive prototyping, with Jucheng, you will find which process best meets your needs and fits into your product definition.

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Automotive Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Technology
    At JC Precison, we have multi-axis CNC machines that allow us to deliver high precision, along with other processing techniques like additive manufacturing, vaccum casting,sheet metal, rapid tooling and so on to stay competitive in the Auto Parts area.
  • Finish
    Besides a wide range of post-processing techniques will be provided with us, heat treatment,Plating, Coating, Anodizing, etc. Every process is reviewed up front, monitored throughout, goes through a final complete inspection and post review. We grow as an organization from each job that we do.
  • Quality Control
    At JC Precision, we have CMM, Projector, height gague, Material Analysis and etc to check every characters is checked before shippment.

 Auto Lamp Lens Light Guides – Machining Acrylic and Clear Polishing

We combine the machining capabilities of the best combined 3-axis, 4-axis or even 5-axis CNC milling machines. 

We also have adopted the latest diamond machining technology in ultra precision manufacturing.

This is a technique called Single Point Diamond Machining (SPDM or SPDT) that can match the ability of 5-axis micro-milling to produce a range of lens and light guides types of excellent optical quality in an array or freeform pattern.

Our advantage:

01. Machining experience of thin-walled clear plastic.

02. Unparalleled hand finishing and polishing technology.

 Aluminium Reflectors – Precision Optical Machining

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