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Production Development

As a prototype manufacturing company, Jucheng knows the importance of being involved in the design community and technological workshops.

Attending and exhibiting at a trade show provides extensive exposure for one’s product builds networks with other businesses and gives inventors the opportunity to be immersed in community of other design creative.

We have experience, and enjoy working with all types of technologies that will quickly make your product a reality.

There are various methods of making models, and other processes available that can bring your invention to life. Whether you’ve created a concept model or a fully functional prototype, you have given actuality to your product to assure that your product is marketable to investors and valuable to consumers.

Production Development 
Functional & Working Prototype

Jucheng focus on building excellent functional prototypes - no matter how challenging your project is, we always have a solution for you. Functional prototyping before mass production are helpful to compress your time and cost in bringing new products to market, perfectly matching your design and accurately representing your end-product's form, fit and function.

Functional prototypes can help prove and perfect your design in rigorous testing scenarios. With prototypes made of engineering-grade materials in a range of alternative technologies, you can reveal how your product performs before market production.

In fact, building functional or working prototypes is indispensable and should be considered as a necessary phase during the New Product Introduction (NPI) process. It is often viewed as an “Insurance Policy” before committing to expensive mass production runs.

Production Development 
Low-Volume Manufacturing

Short-run and low-volume production can be achieved by different manufacturing methods. It makes sure that you will move from prototype to production smoothly. Jucheng is a low-volume manufacturer that applies unsurpassed level of expertise to deliver quality and repeatability on every part.

We providing cost-effective and rationalized advice from designs, materials, production processes, manufacturability, etc.

Applications of Low-Volume Manufacturing:

  01. Functional prototypes that match final products.   02. Production-grade engineering prototypes.
  03. Rapid bridge tooling or bridge production.   04. Pre-production components for verification tests (EVT, DVT, PVT).
  05. Custom low-volume CNC machined parts.   06. Plastic injection molded parts for pilot runs.
  07. Low-volume sheet metal fabrication.   08. High-quality customized products.
  10. Short run of production parts.
Production Development 
Mass Production

Beyond prototyping and low-volume production, we also offer mass production services including laser cutting, extrusion, water jet, die casting, etc.

Pressure Die Casting:

Making pressure die-cast parts requires expert advice and close on-site monitoring. From project planning to tool making to die casting of parts –our pressure die casting experts will support you throughout the entire project.

In China, we are one of the only providers of this level of expertise, service, and quality and our prices are below any quotation from the US, Europe, or Canada.

Pressure die casting is ideal for making multiple copies up to hundreds of thousands of pieces with high surface quality finish. Tooling can also be made to apply a textured surface to your finished parts.

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