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Shenzhen Jucheng Precision Models
Shenzhen Jucheng Precision Models
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One-Stop Prototyping & Rapid Tooling Manufacturer and Solution Provider

At Jucheng Precision, we provide various manufacturing solutions from prototyping to production. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified factory in China

offers machining and molding for plastic and metal parts.

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At Jucheng Precision, we are dedicated to providing manufacturing solutions for your innovation ideas and products, with one-stop services from prototyping to batch production, including a wide range of services: CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting, RIM, Sheet Metal Fabrication, 3D Printing and Injection Molding.

Rapid prototyping method for making low volume production. Copies are formed from reusable silicone molds based on a master pattern.
Reacting Injection Molding(RIM) is a new process for the production of large parts in large runs.
We offer the bending,punching,laser cutting and welding services for the metal plates.
Additive manufacturing is one of our greatest process technique,with advanced SLA&SLS& printing machines.
Injection Molding can fabricate more than 100,000 pcs for your plastic parts in short time, we have the imported machines Fanuc that can meet all your needs

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Welcome to contact us to learn about the specific implementation details of each industry and to see

if it can help your needs.

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Who we are?

Shenzhen Jucheng Precision Models Co., Ltd is one of the leading prototypes and rapid tooling 

manufacturer, provide one-stop prototyping and production solutions for the customer over the world....

About Us  

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We have reached cooperation with business partners from all over the world to move forward hand in hand.


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Apr 02,2022
The difference between Vacuum casting, RIM, Injection molding.

Vacuum casting, reaction injection molding, and injection molding are all very useful processes. They are both widely used in the field of prototyping and each offers a unique set of advantages. However, since these processes share certain similarities, it can sometimes be difficult to choose betwee

Apr 02,2022
CNC Milling VS CNC Turning--The Differences Explained

CNC machining is a rapid manufacturing process that transforms concept designs into reality. It turns the 3D design into metal or plastic parts by selectively cutting material.

Dec 01,2021
Characteristics of CNC Cutting Tools

CNC tools have the advantages of wide adaptability and high flexibility, high accuracy, stable quality,high machining productivity and can machine complex surfac. Compared to the tools used on ordinary machine, CNC machine tools have many different requirements. They mainly have the following charac

Dec 01,2021
How To Choose The Right Material for CNC Machining

There are hundreds of metal alloys available for CNC milling and turning. Which one is best for your next project depends on a number of factors, including price, workability, corrosion resistance, strength, weight and cosmetic appearance. To help you choose, here’s a closer look at the ones we use


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