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Reaction injection molding | Plastic parts production | Jucheng Precision
Need to quickly test out the market with low-volume parts? Or want to create large quantities of production parts? 
Jucheng Precision offers machining and finishing services to make tools from a variety of materials, and can produce 50 to 100,000+ finished parts in a wide variety of plastics.
Injection Molding Service
Our Injection Molding Capability
Jucheng Precision is an expert in the field of plastic parts manufacturing in China, providing a wide range of injection molding services, including Injection Molding, insert molding, overmolding and Two-color Injection Modling.

Injection molding

The most common type of injection molding, where molten plastic is injected under high pressure into a mold cavity to create a solid plastic part.

Insert molding

Insert Modling involves molding plastic around an insert or pre-formed component, such as a metal or plastic part, to create a finished product.


Overmolding involves molding a layer of plastic over a pre-existing part, such as an electronic component, to provide additional functionality or protection.

Two-color injection molding

Injecting two different types of plastic into the same mold to produce a single part with two different colors or materials.
Gallery of Reaction injection molding
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Our Injection Molding Material Options
Injection molding uses a huge range of plastics, making it ideal for many applications across nearly every industry.
Our Injection Molding Finishes Options
Jucheng Precision provide various finishes, which can be specified in the quote request form, such as painting and heat tapping inserts. Below are some examples of the secondary operations that we offer:
• Pad printing 
Silk screening 
Ultrasonic welding 
Laser engraving 
UV coating 
Heat staking 
Hot stamping 
Post-mold machining 
Injection Molding SPI Surface Finishes | Jucheng Precision
SPI surface finishes
Injection Molding VDI Surface Finishes | Jucheng Precision
VDI surface finishes
Why Injection molding with Jucheng Precision?
At Jucheng Precision, we provide various manufacturing solutions ranging from Low-volume production to mass production. Jucheng Precision is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and has 190+ high-end technical personnel and over 35 Horizontal and Vertical Injection Molding Machines.
Depending on the quantity and structure of your products, we can provide molding from 15-tons through 3000-tons suitable for small-batch production and mass production during the product development process. We make the tooling as fast as 2 weeks.
With our strong production capacity, we can flexibly arrange production cycles to meet all of your product production needs.
Advantages of Injection Molding
Precision & complexity & Material versatility
Cost-effectiveness: Injection molding can be fully automated, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing efficiency and consistency.
Surface finish optionsInjection molding offers a range of surface finishes, including textures and patterns, that can be molded directly into the part.
Injection Molding Applications
Medical: Injection molding is used to produce medical devices and equipment, such as syringes, inhalers, and implantable devices.
Other Industry: Injection molding is used to produce industrial components such as upholstery, instrument panels and structural components.
Automotive: Injection molding is used to produce various components for cars, such as dashboards, door panels, and bumpers.
Our other manufacturing capabilities
CNC Machining
⦁ 3&5 CNC Milling
⦁ Turning, and Various Post-finishes
⦁ Tolerance down to ±0.01mm
⦁ Global Delivery within days
Sheet Metal Fabrication
⦁ Laser Cutting, bending, stamping, punching,drilling, pinning to assembly services
3D Printing
Vacuum Casting
⦁ Injection Molding Service
⦁ Insert Molding Service
⦁ Overmolding Service
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