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Vacuum Casting Material Options
The range of various materials processed by CNC has the application of multiple industries. 
The ideal choice of disposable prototype and the final use of customized parts.
 Available materials
Hei-Cast 8150
ABS, white/black/beige, fast solidified
Hei-Cast 8263
ABS, milky white, flame retardant
Hei-Cast 8400
Rubber, black/withe, hardness shore A 20-90
Hei-Cast T0387
Rubber, transparent, hardness shore A 30-80
Hei-Cast 8570
PP, black/white, tunable elasticity
Hei-Cast 8015
ABS, transparent
Hei-Cast 8752
PC, transparent
Hei-Cast 8743
PMMA, transparent
Axson PX5212
PMMA, high transparent, UV aging resistant
Axson PX5210
PMMA, transparent, UV aging resistant, high-temperature resistant
Axson PX527
PC, transparent, high shock resistant
Axson PX223
ABS, black, high-temperature resistant, erosion resistant
Axson UP6160
ABS, translucent, high-temperature resistance, high casting tolerance
Axson UP5690
PP, black/white, high strength and extensibility
Axson 4280
ABS, black/white/of white, high-temperature resistance, easy coloration
Other services materials options
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