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Vacuum Casting of Custom Plastic Parts & Prototypes
Vacuum casting material has high precision, accurate reproduction details; Flexible, easy to demoulding; High heat resistance, suitable for high temperature environment; Multi-material compatibility to meet different needs; Long life, reusable; Prototype validation to reduce product development risk; Environmental protection, no harmful substances emissions.
Vacuum Casting Shop
At Jucheng Precision, we offer a variety of manufacturing solutions from vacuum casting prototyping to small batch production, certified by ISO9001:2015, ISO13485, IATF16949 international quality management system, the company has 190+ high-end technicians and pouring machine equipment, and can make up to 20 copies per mold. If the part requires a high-quality clear or complex structure, a mold can make 12 or even 10 castings, which can be produced in 7 to 10 days, depending on the production specifications and standards of the project, with our strong production capacity, we can flexibly arrange the production cycle to meet your production needs.
Our vacuum casting shop offer 11 different types of materials: Hei-Cast 8150, Hei-Cast 8263, Hei-Cast 8400, Hei-Cast T0387, Hei-Cast 8570, Hei-Cast 8015, Hei-Cast 8752, Hei-Cast 8743, Axson PX5212, Axson PX5210, Axson PX527, Axson PX223, Axson UP6160, Axson UP5690, Axson 4280.
We can not only manufacture your vacuum cast parts, but also provide a large number of post-treatment treatments for your vacuum cast parts, including painting, spray, screen printing, laser marking, etc.
 Available materials
Hei-Cast 8150
Hei-Cast 8150 is an ABS material, with white/black/beige options, with good physical properties, fast curing speed, and high dimensional accuracy of the finished product.
Hei-Cast 8263
Hei-Cast 8263 is ABS material, the material color is milky white, with physical properties, flame retardant and excellent dimensional stability and sufficient practical strength of the new flame retardant castable material can not only be UL94V-0 requirements of the shape trial production, strength monitoring, but also can be applied to small batch production products.
Hei-Cast 8400
Hei-Cast 8400 is made of Rubber, black and withe. It can adjust the hardness and viscosity base in the range of Shore-20 ~ 90. It has good fluidity, fast curing and good elasticity.
Hei-Cast T0387
Hei-Cast T0387 is Rubber material, the material color is transparent, with viscosity bottom, very good fluidity, shore hardness 30-80A, good transparency, adjustable hardness, fast curing, and good elasticity.
Hei-Cast 8570
Hei-Cast 8570 is PP material, the material color is black and white, with adjustable bending elasticity (1600MP~600MP adjustable range), the performance is very superior, adjusted to the maximum bending degree can be folded 180 degrees without creasing, hardness 85D.
Hei-Cast 8015
ABS, transparent
Hei-Cast 8752
PC, transparent
Hei-Cast 8743
PMMA, transparent
Axson PX5212
PMMA, high transparent, UV aging resistant
Axson PX5210
PMMA, transparent, UV aging resistant, high-temperature resistant
Axson PX527
PC, transparent, high shock resistant
Axson PX223
ABS, black, high-temperature resistant, erosion resistant
Axson UP6160
ABS, translucent, high-temperature resistance, high casting tolerance
Axson UP5690
PP, black/white, high strength and extensibility
Axson 4280
ABS, black/white/of white, high-temperature resistance, easy coloration
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