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Tool Steel CNC machining
Tool steel is a type of high-carbon, high-alloy steel that is specifically designed to be used in
the manufacture of cutting tools,dies, molds,and other types of tooling.
 Available materials
Tool Steel O Series O1, O2, O6, O7 & O84140 alloy steel
Oil-hardening tool steel. They are often used in applications such as blanking dies, forming dies, punches, and other types of cutting tools. Hardness range of 60-64 HRC.
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Tool Steel A Series, A2, A3, A4, A6 & A8
Air-hardening tool steels.
The A Series tool steels are valued for their ability to maintain their hardness and toughness at high temperatures, as well as their ease of workability and resistance to distortion. Hardness range of 58-62 HRC.
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Tool Steel D Series D2, D3, D4
The D Series tool steels are typically hardened to a HRC of 58-62. they are designed for use as cutting tools or dies.
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