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Prototyping and rapid manufacturing are essential steps in the development of medical devices. They allow medical device manufacturers to create functional prototypes quickly and efficiently, test the prototypes for usability, and refine their designs before moving into the final production phase.
Jucheng Precision provides comprehensive rapid prototyping and manufacturing services tailored to the medical industry. Whether you require surgical instruments or large medical devices, our team of engineers can guide you from concept to tangible plan.
Medical Device Prototyping And Low-volume Manufacturing

Jucheng Precision Medical device prototyping Application

 Custom Machined Plastic Housings
 Handheld Devices
 Medical Cosmetelogy
 Dental Instruments
 Surgical Robots
 Surgical Instruments
 Prosthetic Components
 Scanner Components
 Ultrasonic Equipment
 Implantable Devices
 Electronic Apparatises
 Medical Treatment Devices
 Medical Menitor instruments
 Surgical Tools
 Protective Gear

High Precision CNC Machining For Medical Components

Jucheng Precision specializes in producing operational prototypes for high Precision Medical Device Components by 3 & 5 axis Mirco-milling and turning.Meanwhile, we combine manufacturing processes such as surface grindering,wire cutting & EDM, to create the most ideal precision machining process.
We specialize in precision machining of complex geometric details, and medical grade material like Stainless steel and titanium with the highest efficiency and precision.

Custom Machined Plastic Housings Medical Device Enclosures

Low Volume Manufacturing from 1PCS to 10,000 PCS.
Prototyping and Low Volume manufacturing are essential steps in the development of medical devices. They allow medical device manufacturers to create functional prototypes quickly and efficiently, test the prototypes for usability, and refine their designs before moving into the final production phase.
Low volume manufacturing is a great option for medical enclosures and custom Machined plastic housing. The process involves the production of a small number of parts using manufacturing techniques such as CNC Machining, 3D printing,urethane casting and Reaction Injection Molding.

Rapid Injection Molding For On-Demand Manufacturing Of Medical Devices

Rapid injection molding is an excellent option for medical device manufacturers requiring low-volume molded parts.
By using rapid injection molding, it saves time and money while producing high-quality parts that meet the necessary requirements. This process enables the manufacturer to create functional prototypes and test their designs before proceeding with full-scale production.
Jucheng Precision Medical Device Prototyping And Parts Manufacturing
Jucheng Precision specialize in diverse manufacturing methods to rapidly transform your designs into reality. Our team will collaborate with you throughout each stage of the automotive design and development process.
CNC Machining
⦁ 3&5 CNC Milling
⦁ Turning, and Various Post-finishes
⦁ Tolerance down to ±0.01mm
⦁ Global Delivery within days
3D Printing
⦁ Advanced 3D printing technologies can now produce a diverse range of medical devices, parts, prototypes, and equipment with complex geometries, in a cost-effective and customizable way.
⦁ Lead time from 2 business day
Vacuum Casting & Reaction Injection Molding
Urethane casting is a cost-effective and versatile method of small-scale rapid manufacturing that is well-suited for use in medical device development.
Reaction injection Molding is suitable for the quantity from 100-1000 PCS. It is often used to make Plastic Housings & Medical Device Enclosures
⦁ The largest casting workpiece: 2000mmX1200mmX1000mm, 20KG.
Sheet Metal Fabrication
⦁ Laser Cutting, bending, stamping, punching,drilling, pinning to assembly services.
⦁ Powder Coating, zinc plating, nickel plating, Painting, Silk Screen and Laser Engraving.
Rapid Tooling (Injection Molding)
⦁ Over 35 high-precision injection molding machines ranging from 50T to 3200T, as well as medical grade non-dust and oil spout workshops. We provide you with final molded products within 2-5 weeks.
Materials & surface finishes for Medical Device
We offer a wide variety of options for materials
and finishes, allowing you to choose the most suitable ones for your specific requirements.
Medical Device materials
Engineering-Grade Plastic Material: 
ABS, Nylon (PA), Polycarbonate (PC), PEEK
NBR (nitrile -butadiene rubber) 
Die-casting 8400
Aluminum Alloys
AL6061, 7075, and 2024
These alloys are known for their strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for use in medical equipment and devices that require high precision and reliability.
Titanium: Grade 1, 2, 5
Medical Device surface finishes
medical device prototypes can be finished using a range of techniques to improve their appearance and functionality. Some of the common finishes for medical device prototypes include sandblasting, anodizing, electroplating, painting, and powder coating. 
These finishes can improve the appearance, durability, and performance of the prototypes, making them more suitable for testing and validation purposes.
Why the Medical Device industry choose Jucheng Precision
• 55+ high-precision 3 &5 CNC machines
• Monthly output of 10,000 pieces
• 1-10 days for prototype model making
• 2-5 weeks for rapid injection molding
One-stop Surface Finishes
• Hand Finishing & Form, fit and function 
• Sanding, blasting, polishing, painting and powder coation 
• Silk Screen, laser Etching, anodizing 
• Metal Plating, blacken, vaccum plating, chromate, chemical finishing, passivation 
and heat treatment etc
Comprehensive quality documentation
• CMM Inspection Report 
• Full Dimensional Inspections 
• Material Test Reports 
• Material Certificates 
• Certificates of Conformance 
• First Article Inspections
Security and confidentiality
• NDA with Clients and all Workers 
• Full IP protections within the network 
• FingerPrint Entrance Guard 
• Surveillance cameras setting in every corners 
• 9 Certificate of Utility Model Patent
Complete The Delivery of Parts Project Presentation
* The part pictures we display have been approved by the customer and are subject to the customer's confidentiality agreement.
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