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Reaction injection molding | Plastic parts production | Jucheng Precision
Ideal for part design validation, low volume production, and bridge production quantities.
1.No minimum order quantities 
2.Complex designs accepted 
3.Aliminium tooling 
4.Automatic tooling actions
Reaction injection molding
What is Reaction Injection Molding?
Reaction Injecion Molding is to mix two-component polyurethane materials and inject them into rapid molds under normal temperature and low pressure environment, and form products through chemical and physical processes such as polymerization, crosslinking, and curing of materials.
Reaction injection molding technical parameters
Applicable molds
⦁ ABS molds (≥ 100 PCS)
⦁ Resin molds (≥300 pieces)
⦁ Aluminum alloy molds (≥1,000 pieces)
Pouring material
⦁ HD-PU4210
Injection pressure
⦁ About 10MPa
⦁ Flow control: 600g/s
General working time
⦁ 15-30 minutes/PC. The demolding temperature can be controlled below 40℃. After demolding, the parts are cured at 80℃ for 2-4 hours.
Standard copy accuracy
⦁ ±0.20mm/100mm
Pouring sample thickness
⦁ The best pouring thickness is 4~6mm, and the maximum pouring thickness is 30mm
The largest casting workpiece
⦁ 2000mmX1200mmX1000mm, 20KG
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Our Reaction Injection Molding Material and Finish Options
Material Option
Similar to PP/ABS
The product has the characteristics of aging resistance, strong impact resistance
high consistency, and easy loading and unloading.
Post-processing options
Mold-Tech finish
Threaded inserts
Pad printing
Laser engraving
Basic assembly
Why RIM with Jucheng Precision?
At Jucheng Precision, we provide various manufacturing solutions ranging from Reaction injection molding to low-volume production. Jucheng Precision is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and has 190+ high-end technical personnel and more than 15 sets of casting Machines.
Depending on the quantity and structure of your products, we can provide ABS/ resin molds, aluminum molds, and steel molds suitable for small-batch trial production and small-batch production during the product development process. We can complete production within 10 to 25 days.
With our strong production capacity, we can flexibly arrange production cycles to meet all of your product production needs.
Reaction injection molding plant photos
The advantages and applications of Reaction Injection Molding
Advantages of RIM
Design flexibility: RIM allows for the production of complex and intricate parts.
Cost-effective tooling: it is cost-effective option for producing small to medium-sized production runs.
Short lead times: parts can be produced quickly and efficiently.
Excellent mechanical properties: RIM produces parts with excellent mechanical properties such as high strength, stiffness, and impact resistance.
Reaction Injection Molding Applications
Other Industry: RIM is used to manufacture lightweight, complex components, as well as to manufacture replacement parts and tools.
Automotive: RIM is widely used to produce various automotive parts, including bumper fascia, body side cladding, and spoilers.
Electronics: RIM is used to produce electronic enclosures, covers, and housings. RIM parts can be designed to be electrically conductive, EMI/RFI shielded, and resistant to heat and chemicals.
Medical Device: RIM is used to produce medical equipment such as imaging equipment, patient positioning systems, and big medical enclsoure.
Our other manufacturing capabilities
CNC Machining
3&5 CNC Milling
Turning, and Various Post-finishes
Tolerance down to ±0.01mm
Global Delivery within days
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Laser Cutting, bending, stamping, punching,drilling, pinning to assembly services.
3D Printing
Rapid Tooling (Injection Molding)
Vacuum Casting & Reaction Injection Molding suits for low volume manufacturing.
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