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juchengConsumer Electronics Prototyping to Parts Production | Jucheng Precision
Jucheng Precision excel in merging a diverse range of manufacturing processes with a wide selection of raw materials to produce finished parts and assemblies rapidly and to the highest standards of quality.
We understand that consumer products must be lightweight, durable, and easy to use, with designs that can transition quickly from prototypes to low-volume production in response to rapidly evolving markets.
Consumer Product Prototyping to Low-Volume Production

Consumer Electronics Prototyping& Manufacturing with Jucheng Precision

 Projectors and Audio systems
Gaming consoles
Home theater systems
 Smart home devices
Security systems
Home Furnishings
 VR Headsets
Digital cameras
Computers and Laptops hardwares
 Electronic Devices
Lighting Fixtures & System
EV charging devices
 Kitchen Appliances
Telecommunications Devices

Why choose us?

Meeting innovation deadlines and quickly getting products to market are essential in the highly competitive consumer electronics industry. Jucheng Precision can expedite the prototyping process and help you reach production scale more rapidly. We offer proficient design assistance and can manufacture parts with outstanding cosmetic quality.
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    FasterCycle Times
    With quotes within hours and parts in days, consumer products engineers can reduce cycle times by as much as 50%. Additive Manufactured Parts in 1-3 Days CNC Milled and Turned Parts in 2-5 Days Sheet Metal Parts & Assemblies in 2-5 Days Rapid Tooling Parts in 2 Weeks
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    Highest quality standards
    Our quality assurance process includes sample size inspections, dimensional checks using calibrated equipment, and a review of all quality documentation and industry certifications. 

    Additionally, we offer full intellectual property protection on within our network.
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    Quality Assurance
    ISO 9001:2015 Certified and cooperated with CNAS Labs. We offer material certifications,full dimensional reports, inspection reports, and hardware certs. 

Jucheng Precision Consumer Electronics Prototyping And Parts Manufacturing
Accelerating Development for the Consumer Products Industry
CNC Machining
⦁ 3&5 CNC Milling
⦁ Turning, and Various Post-finishes
⦁ Tolerance down to ±0.01mm
3D Printing
⦁ Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)
⦁ Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
⦁ Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
⦁ Stereolithography (SLA)
Vacuum Casting & Reaction Injection Molding
⦁ Vacuum Casting & Reaction Injection Molding suits for low volume manufacturing.
⦁ Vaccum casting :10-15 PCS per Mold
⦁ Reaction injection Molding: 100-1000 PCS. 
The largest casting workpiece: 2000mmX1200mmX1000mm, 20KG.
Sheet Metal Fabrication
⦁ Sheet Metal Fabrication Service
⦁ Waterjet Cutting Service
⦁ Laser Cutting Service
 ⦁ Plasma Cutting Service
Rapid Tooling (Injection Molding)
⦁ Injection Molding Service
⦁ Insert Molding Service
⦁ Overmolding Service
Materials & surface finishes for Consumer Products
We offer a wide variety of options for materials
and finishes, allowing you to choose the most suitable ones for your specific requirements.
Consumer Products materials
Plastic Material: 
Polycarbonate (PC), Polyoxymethylene (POM), PEEK
ABS, PVC, Polyethylene (PE), Garolite G-10, FR4
Metal Material:
AL6061, AL7075, AL2024, AL5052-H32 SS304
SS316L, Cooper C110, Copper C101
Consumer Products Post-Processing Capabilities
Powder Coating 
Insert Installation 
Heat Treatment 
Slik Screen
Application of Prototype in Consumer Electronics Industry
Prototyping plays a crucial role in the development of consumer electronics, allowing for design validation and product optimization before mass production.
Some common prototyping applications for consumer electronics include:
Proof-of-concept prototypes for new product ideas 
3D printed casings for electronic components 
Functional prototypes for user testing and feedback 
Mockups for trade shows and marketing purposes 
Rapid prototyping to accelerate product development timelines 
Virtual prototypes for simulation and testing 
Production-ready prototypes for small-scale manufacturing and testing 
Custom enclosures for electronic devices 
Prototypes for wearable technology 
High-fidelity prototypes for complex electronic systems
Gallery of consumer electronics parts
* The part pictures we display have been approved by the customer and are subject to the customer's confidentiality agreement.
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