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Our company was founded in 2012 by Mr. Xiao Qiang, Mr. Liu Lin, and Mr. Huang Shaoyong. Mr. Xiao Qiang started as an apprentice in prototyping. He started out when he was just an adult. He changed a lot of jobs on the way, and finally found what he loves most. He said, what is better than taking design from concept What's more interesting to bring to production? After that, he found his fellow hometown friend Mr. Huang Shaoyong, and his former colleague Mr. Liu Lin, starting their arduous and struggling extraordinary entrepreneurial career. 
Jucheng Precision was established in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China in 2012. At the beginning, it was a small team of three people and a few pieces of equipment. So far, Jucheng has more than 80+ machines and equipment, 190+ employees, and has two factories, the headquarter is in Shenzhen, and the branch is in Dongguan.
Today, Jucheng Precision has become the leading prototyping service company in Shenzhen, with a brighter future.
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