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CNC Machining of Custom Mild Steel Parts & Prototypes
CNC machining of mild steel material is easy to process, reducing the wear of cutting tools; Excellent weldability, easy assembly and welding; Good mechanical properties, suitable for a variety of applications; Cost-effective, reduce manufacturing costs; Strong plasticity, suitable for making complex parts; High corrosion resistance, suitable for applications with special environmental requirements; Good repeatability to ensure product quality; It can be produced on a large scale to meet the market demand. These characteristics make low carbon steel CNC machining and rapid prototyping widely used in many fields.
Mild Steel CNC Machining Shop
At Jucheng Precision, we produce custom precision mild steel parts and rapid prototyping services with 55+ CNC turning and milling machines, including 5 sets of 5 axis CNC machines. Grinding and Wire & Sinker EDM machining equipment is available in our plant. 
Our metal machine shop offer 8 different types of mild steel: Mild steel 1018, Mild steel 1020, Mild Steel S235JR, EN8, EN16, EN24T, EN29, EN39, Mild steel S355J2, Mild Steel1045, Mild Steel A36, Mild steel S275JR . 
Not only can we fabricate your parts but also a lot of post-processing treatment provided for your mild steel parts, including Black Oxide, Electropolishing, ENP (Electroless Nickel plating), Sandblasting, Nickel Plating, Passivation, Powder Coating, Tumble Polishing, Zinc Plating, Vibratory Tumbling.
Advantage:The strength and hardness are lower, and the plasticity and toughness are better.
 Available materials
Mild steel 1018
Mild steel 1018 has certain toughness in cnc machining, while bearing certain wear resistance, fatigue resistance, easy machining performance, welding performance and cold forming performance.
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Mild steel 1020
Mild steel 1020 has low strength in cnc machining, but it has good toughness and plasticity, which can meet the use of some structural parts with low strength requirements
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Mild Steel S235JR
Mild steel S235JR has a low carbon content in cnc machining, and is used for Marine parts, vehicle structural parts, manufacturing various tools, cutting tools, molds and measuring tools.
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EN8, EN16, EN24T, EN29, EN39
Mild steel EN8, EN16, EN24T, EN29, EN39 has good wear resistance and excellent wear resistance in cnc machining, so it is an ideal choice when manufacturing parts and components that require wear resistance.
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Mild steel S355J2
Mild steel S355J2 has excellent mechanical properties in cnc machining, its tensile strength and yield strength are high, and it has good plasticity and toughness, which is used for ships, automobiles and other parts.
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Mild Steel1045
Mild steel S355J2 in cnc machining It has good strength and impact resistance. It is commonly used for shafts, gears and other mechanical parts.
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Mild Steel A36
Mild steel A36 has machinability and mechanical properties in cnc machining and is used to manufacture products and parts for general mechanical engineering purposes.
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Mild steel S275JR
Low carbon steel A36 has a relatively low carbon content in cnc machining, so it has good plasticity and toughness, which is suitable for some parts that require high strength and good toughness.
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