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Reaction Injection Molding

Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) is a new process for the production of large parts in large runs. In the RIM process, a monomer or pre-polymer (PU derivatives) in a liquid state is poured using a dosing pump into the mold head.

The mixture is then injected into the mold at a low ambient temperature and pressure, the crosslinking and curing begin quickly, and after 10 minutes the figure will already be solidified, being able to be removed from the mold.

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Reaction Injection Molding Applicable Molds

  Pouring material   HD-PU4210, DCP-RIM, AXSON-RIM 875
  Physical properties   similar to PP/ABS. The product has the characteristics of aging resistance, strong impact resistance, high consistency, and easy loading
  and unloading
  Injection pressure   about 10MPa. Flow control: 600g/s
  General working time   15-30 minutes/PC. The demolding temperature can be controlled below 40℃. After demolding, the parts are cured at 80℃ for 2-4 hours
  Standard copy accuracy   ±0.20mm/100mm
  Pouring sample thickness   the best pouring thickness is 4~6mm, and the maximum pouring thickness is 30mm
  The largest casting workpiece   2000mmX1200mmX1000mm, 20KG
Advantages of (RIM) Reaction Injection Moldinig Service
Ideal for part design validation, low volume production, and bridge production quantities.

 Strong, durable and good strength without deforming
Corrosion and chemical resistance
Complex designs accepted
Economical and flexible
Low-to-high production volume
​​​​​​​Tooling can be used for prototype and easily modified for production parts

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