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Other Metal Materials CNC machining
The range of various materials processed by CNC has the application of multiple industries. 
The ideal choice of disposable prototype and the final use of customized parts.
 Available materials
C10100: It is an excellent conductor of electricity.commonly used for electrical and electronic applications

C11000: It is known for its high conductivity and excellent formability,commonly used for electrical components, roofing and flashing, and plumbing fixtures.

C26000: It is known for its excellent machinability and corrosion resistance.Commonly used for mechanical components, such as fittings and fasteners.
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260 & 360 Brass: Good corrosion resistance. Aesthetic appeal. Good conductivity. Good ductility
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ZAMAK 5: It is commonly used for prototyping of components that require greater strength and durability, such as engine parts and pumps.

ZA-8: a zinc-aluminum alloy. It is commonly used for prototyping of automotive components, such as brackets and housings.
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Titanium Grade 1, 2 & 5

CNC machining of titanium can be a challenging process due to the material's high strength, low thermal conductivity, and tendency to work-harden.
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Materials CNC machining
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