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Quality Assurance

Shenzhen Jucheng Presicion always take high quality as our top priority. All the parts made at Shenzhen Jucheng Precision will rigorously tested by our engineers. We strictly follow the ISO 9001 certified quality management system.

 We are equipped with 2 sets of ZEISS spectrum (Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) )
1 set of Mitutoyo height gauge
1 set of 2.5 CMM (Explorer)
​​​​​​​ Caliper/Caliper
​​​​​​​ Micrometer
​​​​​​​ Plug Gauge
​​​​​​​ Filler Gauge
​​​​​​​ Sclerometer/hard meter
​​​​​​​ Rough Instrurment/surface roughness meter..

Height gauge
QA department
Precision pins plug gauges

How we check your parts?

At Shenzhen Jucheng Precision, we have very strong capability and it is the most advantaged service.

01 - Drawings Checking
we will check every item on the BOM like quantity, material, process, surface finish requirements and see if they are in accordance with the quotation. Meanwhile, our engineering team will check 3D and 2D drawings to see if there are any design errors, in accordance, interference, and confirm all the tolerance are okay to be machined.

Meanwhile, DFM will be sent when it is necessary.
02 - Incoming Material inspection
We asked our material supplier to provide certification and paste marks for all the materials. And we will check the materials by Spectrometer to test the material chemical components.
03 - In processing checking
In this stage, we will go both with visual checking and manual checking.

Our experienced and skillful craftsman will check the parts with 3D drawings. 

We understand that it is very essential to check the parts when machining and avoid time-wasting. If necessary, we can provide you with the first sample when it comes to batch production.
04 - Final Inspection
We have 6 well-trained engineers in our QA department,
We can provide inspection reports like 3D scanning reports, Cleanness reports,100% dimensional reports, PPAP, Control Plans, etc.

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