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CNC Machining

Certificated by ISO9001:2015, Shenzhen Jucheng Precision is an additive manufacturing expert, offers services: CNC milling and CNC turning, drilling, tapping, EDM, surface grinding for variety of material, including metal, plastic and rubber materials.

At Shenzhen Jucheng Precision, we have very strong capability and it is the most advantaged services. We are One-stop shop for prototypes and low volume production service. In addition, we provide varity of surface finishing, including polishing, painting, anodizing, plating, brushing, blasting, Laser Engraving etc.

Being working in the prototypes and tooling manufacturing industries for 10 years, Shenzhen Jucheng Precision have built its reputation on providing high quality machined parts to its customers all over the world,covers in the area of the automotive, medical devices, electronic products, home appliance etc.

CNC Machining Service Advantages

Why CNC Machining with Jucheng Precision?

Quality is a top priority at Jucheng Precision. 

Based on the ISO 9001 :2015, we have imported international advanced CMM, Projector, height gauge, spectrometer to inspect if the dimension can match with its 3D data for guarantee the high precision of the production. 

  • Strong Capacity
    At Jucheng Precision,  we have 55 sets CNC machines, including 5 sets of 5 axis, 10 sets of 4 axis and 40 sets of 3 axis CNC machines.  Grinding and Wire & Sinker EDM machining equipment is available in our plant.
  • Speed of Delivery

    As we have our machining certer with strong capability, we can arrange production very flexible, allowing operations to keep up with shifting customer demands. 
  • One-stop Solution Provider

    Not only can we fabricate your parts but also a lot of post-processing treatment provided and from prototypes to the marketing products, all you can rely on us.

CNC Machining Material Selection

    At Jucheng Precision, More than 28 engineering-grade materials can be used for CNC plastic machining. The machined plastic parts are 100% functional and able to be mechanically tested.
      Lead Time
      Standard Tolerance: ISO2768-Medium for plastic parts
      As fast as 2 days
      ABS – (Natural / Black / Flame Retardant)
      PVC- (Black/white)
      PC / Polycarbonate – (Clear / Black)
      PMMA / Acrylic – (Clear / Black)
      PA / Nylon – (Natural / Black / 30%GF)
      HDPE- (Black/white)
      PP / Polypropylene – (Natural / Black / 20% GF)
      POM (delrin)
      PVC- (Black/white)
      PEEK- (Natural/Beige/white)
    Clear and optical prototypes are usually made from transparent acrylic (PMMA) and polycarbonate (PC)., which is used like automotive lighting parts, home appliances, compressors, or parts displays, etc.

    Jucheng precision provides various technologies like CNC milling, vacuum casting, and injection molding, from quality 1 to 10000 PCS.

    At Jucheng precision, we make custom clear parts and optical components to meet your functional and aesthetic needs. Designers will benefit from the use of transparent parts to achieve optical functions, view the internal structure of parts or show the aesthetics of the parts. With our highly skilled polishing techniques, PMMA can achieve the best clarity and light transmittance by precision and hand polishing, while PC achieved its clarity and transmittance by vapour polishing. PC’s transparency is second only to PMMA, but its strength is much stronger than PMMA.
    At Jucheng Precision, we have combined 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC milling, CNC turning and other manufacturing processes such as drilling, tapping, EDM, surface grinding to expand the manufacturing capabilities of the metal prototypes, and accommodate any challenge with ease, and save time and cost.
      Quantity   Tolerance   Lead Time   Material
      MOQ:1PC   Standard Tolerance: ISO2768-Fine for metal parts   As fast as 4 days   See below
    Our CNC machining capabilities include prototyping and low volume custom machining, with particular expertise in CNC aluminium machining, as well as other metals such as magnesium, zinc, titanium, Brass and cooper, Carbon steel and stainless steel, and a variety of secondary operations and surface treatments.
    Metal Materials We Use:
      Machined Metal Material   Common Types
      Aluminum   AL6061-T6,AL5052,AL6082, AL7075-T6, AL2024-T3,AL7050, AL5083, AL5251
      Stainless steel   SS301, SS303,SS304, SS306,SS304L,SS316L,SS440C,SS420,SS2205 Duplex
      Carbon Steel   Mild Steel-1018/1042/A36, Carbon Steel C45, EN8,EN16,EN24T, EN29,EN39
      Alloy Steel   Alloy steel-4140/4340/1215, 1.7220, 12CrMo, 40Cr, A34202
      Tool Steel   O Series,A Series & D Series
      Mold steel   S136,P20,420C,AISI P21, 420ESR, SUS 420J2
      Brass   C360,CZ121,CZ131,H59, H62, T2, C11000
      Copper   Copper alloys
      Titanium   Titanium Alloys
      Zinc   Zinc Alloys

Gallery of CNC machined parts

CNC Machining 

General Tolerances CNC Machining

Through a rigorous project management process, Shenzhen Jucheng Precision is able to ensure the cost-efficient, on-time delivery of every precision component manufactured, At our general tolerances for CNC machining of metals is DIN-2768-1-fine and for plastics, DIN-2768-1-medium. Tolerances are greatly affected by part geometry and type of material. Our project managers will note and consult with you on every details of your project and will seek to provide the highest degree of precision possible.

At Jucheng Precision, we will constantly follow the general tolerance for CNC machining. 

1. For Metal parts, we follow DIN-2768-1-fine 

2. For Plastic Parts, we follow DIN-2768-1-Medium

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Low-volume manufacturing is a rapid production method that precedes full-scale production, ranging from 100 to 100,000 units.

Jucheng is a low-volume manufacturer that applies unsurpassed level of expertise to deliver quality and repeatability on every part. We determine your best pathway to the marketplace based on your project’s goals and expectations, providing cost-effective and rationalized advice from designs, materials, production processes, manufacturability, etc.

We offer a one-stop shop for all your low-volume machining projects in China. Whether you need production-grade plastics, various metals, or custom aluminum machined parts, Jucheng has the ability to manage any mix of materials and volumes for you.

Advantage of Low Volume production:

Rapid time-to-market for new products
Short Turnaround times and low costs​​​​​​​
More flexible design iterations​​​​​​​
Reduce financial risk

Get A Quote And Solution

We will be glad to provide you a free quote and manufacturing soultion, if you can share the drawings, quantity, material and any other requirements.

Get in Touch or Get an Free Quote

  • Q When should I choose CNC Machining Services?

    Machined parts have the true properties of the material you select. Our process allows you to get parts machined from blocks of solid plastic and metal in the same time frame.

    We mill and turn low quantities of parts very quickly. Typical quantities are one to 200 pieces and manufacturing times are 1 to 3 business days. We offer product developers parts machined from engineering-grade materials that are suitable for functional testing or end-use applications.
    CNC machining is more expensive than plastic 3D printing, but it is the most feasible option for metal visual prototypes given the high cost of metal 3D printing and metal casting.
  • Q Can I get tight tolerances CNC parts from Jucheng Precision?

    Jucheng Precision is known as one of the best CNC machining companies in China in terms of quality, speed, and customer service. With high-quality CNC machines, we can easily achieve +/- 0.02mm of tolerance and can even get within +/- 0.01mm. But keep in mind that it can have an impact on the cost.
  • Q Can I order just one piece?

    Yes, of course you can, there is no minimum quantity at Jucheng Precision, we will recommend you with the most suitable and effective manufacturing solutions based on your quantities.
  Rapid Prototyping & On-Demand Manufacturing In Days.
  ONE-STOP services from prototyping to batch production.



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